Friday, February 20, 2009

United States Environmental History

My last 2 classes of my undergraduate college career are both US evironmental history courses at NAU. I have never took an evironmental history course before, and as a result came into both classes with very limited knowledge on the subject. So far I have immensely enjoyed both courses. I am currently reading "Saving America's Wildlife" right now and really find it intriguing how much the American mindset has changed in regards to care & concern for wildlife in this country. The stories and depictions of wolves, coyotes, and other "predator" animals has been especially interesting. If you have never taken the time to learn or care about evironmental history, I highly recommend engaging in the subject.


Richard said...

One of my last classes in History was unofficially called "The History of Walking", but it had that same name (American Environmental History). I recommend "Wanderlust" if you end up around that subject, and I will even let you borrow it. It is quite the interesting read.