Monday, February 2, 2009

2:37 left...

What a heart-breaker for the Arizona Cardinals. I think they outplayed Pittsburgh but in the end they couldn't come up with one last play. What a throw & catch by Big Ben and Santonio Holmes to win the game though.

I think the biggest disappointment has to be the penalties and Kurt Warner's awful throw to end the first half. The Cards should have been up 14-10 or at the very least tied 10-10, and instead they go into Halftime because of a poor throw and the inability to run down a large fat Steeler. Even worse than that though was the penalties throughout the game. 11 for 106 yards. That is terrible.

Is the "curse" over for the Cardinals? Will they get back to this point? Who knows. It was a good run this year but unfortunately as my friend's No Fear t-shirt taught me in 7th grade - "second place is the first loser."


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