Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Danger of a Zipper

So on Wednesday mornings I have the privilege of watching the boys while my wife is at work. I never know what to expect because it seems that when 3 boys are left alone, something is always bound to happen. Well this morning was cruising along just fine when I went to dress the boys after breakfast. Sawyer ("Bobby") was done in no-time. Then I came Trenton. So I let him pick out a shirt and then I picked out a pair of jeans for him to wear. He attempted to argue that the jeans were too big but I knew they were the right size. Well when I put the jeans on they fit just right so I zipped up the zipper and that's when things fell apart. Trenton yelps out an "ow" - and then gives me this pissed off face. So I ask what's wrong, and he tells me that I "zipped his penis" and it hurt. So then he looks at me and asks if he can "hit my penis" in some sort of eye-for-eye revenge tactic. I tell him no and run away because I know in his little mind he is already planning to make me pay for the zipper incident. Boys. I am so glad I have boys.


Danielle said...

Wonder who he learned that tactic from . . . "You just knocked your brother over, can I knock you over?" Sound familiar? ;-)