Monday, February 23, 2009


God created life and He has the right to take it. If you can create life, then you can have the right to take it. But if you can't create it, you don't have that right. People assume that what's wrong for us is wrong for God. However, it's wrong for me to take your life, because I didn't make it and I don't own it. For example, it's wrong for me to go into your yard and pull up your bushes, cut them down, kill them, transplant them, move them around. I can do that in my yard, because I own the bushes in my yard. Well, God is sovereign over all of life and He has the right to take it if He wishes. In fact, we tend to forget that God takes the life of every human being. It's called death. The only question is when and how, which we have to leave up to Him. -Norman Geisler-

I struggle with how much death we bring to this world. Whether its deliberate - such as murder, war, abortion, or capital punishment - or through ignorance - such as poverty [starvation, lack of medical care, lack of sanitation, etc] or disease spreading. Everyday I read the paper to find more and more tragic cases of death. I wonder how often we choose death as an option when it clearly violates God's desire. How many people have their lives cut short and the world suffers as a result of their gifts & talents being thrown away each and every day? The worst part is that we just don't seem to care. I don't seem to care. I see it. I feel it. And yet I keep going about my day as if it is okay. I wonder how painful it is going to be to look God in the face and have Him reveal to me how much I participated in the human death march on this earth. Every life must have value and be valued. Any death caused by man should be looked at with absolute disgust - whether that be an innocent baby or criminal on death row. Death will come quick enough, our job should be to value life and the abilities that each life on earth bring. We are all guilty of the bloodshed on earth. The sooner we stop pointing the finger of blame and start working on reconciling around the idea of life, the better off we'll be. Lets leave it up to God to decide when the cruel hand of death will wrap its fingers around each of us.


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