Thursday, February 5, 2009

Starbucks Saved My Life

So I came across this story and found it intriguing. Of course I think the life lesson learned by Mr. Gill was more about living like a regular joe instead of some fancy-pants executive; but I could not help but like the title. I think personal transformation stories are my favorite stories. It makes me wonder what type of transformation I, myself, need to go through. I cannot help but think that these trying times in America are here for a reason. I don't think God delights in people struggling financially but I do think He desires us to completely depend upon Him. Perhaps the only way to do that in America is to strip us of the one thing that we truly worship: money. I know I need to learn to live on less. I know I don't want my kids growing up thinking that they get anything and everything they want. Yet, I remain in a position of hypocrisy because while I speak out against greed and selfishness...I know my insides are full of both. If "Starbucks" can transform this dude, I wonder what God can truly do with me if I ever get the balls to let Him.