Friday, October 30, 2009


So I love the new show Modern Family on abc. It is so hilarious. The interesting thing about it is the hidden nuggets of truth that get expressed almost by mistake it seems. A few episodes back, the character Jay (Ed O'Neill) mentions in regards to being a dad to his step-son the line: "90 percent of being a dad is just showing up." That line has stuck with me ever since. Today marks the second straight day of being off of work. I took Thursday off and today is my one day off during the week. The boys and I have had so much fun wrestling, playing Transformers, playing Hulk & Spiderman, watching Phineas & Ferb, and eating (a favorite boy activity in our house). Throughout it all I have realized that what my boys need more then anything else is simply for me to show up. They need my time. We have had so much fun together and I realize it has all been by the simple idea of spending time with them. Too often with my job, extra schooling, and taking care of tasks I forget that my kids (and my wife!) need my time more then anything. I cannot say that I will be perfect at this going forward - but I definitely realize just how good of a dad I can be by hanging out with my kids. They need it, they love it, and I benefit the most from it.

Monday, October 26, 2009


"A proper perspective is worth 50 IQ points." -Alan Kay-
Why is it so hard to have a proper perspective? What does one do to gain the right perspective?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Most of us develop our Christianity along the line of our temperament, not along the line of God.
-Oswald Chambers-
The above quote from Oswald Chambers forces me to ponder two things. The first is: what are the key characteristics of of my temperament? In pondering this I suppose it would be far more useful to ask others what they know/observe instead of simply trusting my own flawed opinion about myself. We tend to be terrible observers about ourselves and therefore I might shave off the rougher edges of my temperament. The second would naturally be: how is my Christianity impacted based upon those key personal temperament traits? I think this is critical because my natural emotional, physical, and mental traits can easily block and destroy the path of true discipleship in my life despite my thinking I am actually representing Christ. What does it all mean? I think it forces me to confront my own failures and limitations as a person. Not only because they are weakening me as a person but also because they taint the view of what it means to be the ultimate person I know I need to be.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Goodbye Metrodome. I know you have never been well liked by anyone - but you have provided some great memories. I always enjoyed going to games in you. I'll remember you always.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is "hope" an accomplishment?

So President Obama is the latest Nobel Peace Prize Award winner. In talking about the award, Obama himself admitted it was not given "as a recognition of my [Obama] own accomplishments." So how does one win an award for not doing anything. I'm sorry but that is is like giving the Cy Young Award to Stephen Strasburg simply for being picked number one and having a good college career with electric stuff. The word award equates to giving something that is due or merited - so based upon his own admission - Obama does not deserve to win it. Since when has "tone" become the standard for peace in the world? And I question as to whether or not he has really brought a radical shift of hope to this world.

He called the receiving of the award as a "call to action" and you better believe it is. If the world was ready to crucify (and rightly so in some regards) Bush for his "Mission Accomplished" banner speech - then the world better be prepared to condemn President Obama if he fails to deliver on all that he has so greatly promised. As an American I want to see this hope. I want to see economic recovery. I want to see the anti-peace actions of Iran, North Korea, and of course Afghanistan brought to an end. I want to see all the tales that Obama weaved for us while running for office come true. Because in the end that is what will mean peace - not some falsified vision of peace as dictated by "giving hope."

Apparently the committee giving the award thinks it is rare for someone to give us hope - but in the end hope only lasts so long. What we need in this world is results & accomplishments. President Obama may sweep us all off our feet with his great speeches, style, and charisma - but in the end all I care about is results. The bottom line. If that cannot be delievered - then what is the point of the Nobel Peace Prize anyway? In the end - maybe that is my issue. Barack Obama never asked to receive this award - maybe the real question is why do we even care about an award that apparently has lost all of its meaning and intended purpose?

A Nude Jock

If I was going to be a writer - I think I would do my best to write like Rick Reilly. Almost every single column he produces is a great piece. As I have stated before - I highly recommend reading him if you aren't already (He now writes for ESPN - so you need to either get the magazine or do what I do and read him online).

His latest piece on athletes and nakedness was hilarious.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Struggle for Supremacy

"The local war between Austria and Serbia was connected with Franz Ferdinand & Sophie, but the Great War was not; the world war, which was not really the same conflict, was caused by the struggle for supremacy among the great European powers. The desire to be number one may have been a deplorable reason for starting a war, but it was neither surprising nor puzzling that it was what motivated the powers. Germany deliberately started a European war to keep from being overtaken by Russia." -David Fromkin-

In the ninth chapter of Luke, we see that the disciples began to argue amongst themselves as to who will be the greatest of the disciples. Jesus rebukes them and gives them a principle built upon the physical example of a child stating, "For he who is least among you all—he is the greatest." I cannot help but think of this example from Christ as I study the maelstrom that developed into World War I. You have a bunch of different nations and groups of people all concerned about power and the need to be respected. Each of them willing to go to war in order to protect themselves and their stature amongst the European world as well as eventually the entire world. Millions of lives would eventually falter as a result of leaders and nations unwilling to take second place to anyone else. I then reflect upon my own life and see the destruction that the desire to be "number one" has caused in my own life. I am no different then the disciples or even guys like Berchtold, Falkenhayn, Conrad, Grey, Jagow, or Moltke - in that I am more then willing to fight when it concerns my status yet unwilling to lay down my life, status, or prestige for the sake of the greater good. How many people have I hurt? How far have I strayed from giving Christ true Lordship of my life? How much have I simply missed the point of being a disciple - simply because the struggle for supremacy is the banner I most often fight under. Is it ever my intention to be "the least" as Christ calls me to be? Would the conflagration of WWI have started if the leaders of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Serbia, France, and England been willing to take the path of humility? What destruction could I avoid if I sought the path that Christ called for instead of the path tread by the European powers of 1914? These are the questions I wrestle today as I seek to learn from the past instead of repeating it for the future.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baseball @ Its Best

What a game. That was one of the most classic baseball games ever played - and what a great way to end. Now the Twins have to play the Yankees...whom they never play well against. But ya never know. As I was watching - I kept thinking of being a kid and the games I went to. I really could have used a "Hormel Hot Dog Treat" while cheering on with the song that will forever remain in my head...

We're gonna win Twins, we're gonna score! We're gonna wins Twins, watch that baseball soar! Knock out a home-run, shout a hip-hooray! Cheer for the Minnesota Twins today!

Great 2009 season Minnesota - now keep it going!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Far From Over

The Battle of Blandford and the Battle of Groton Heights were succesful for Benedict Arnold. But in the end Yorktown ended the conflict and the Americans won. Round One to you Mr. Favre. But the war is far from over.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never Say Die!

Down 3 games to Detroit with only 4 games left - the chances were slim...but there is still some magic in that old crappy Metrodome. Now its on to game 163. Scotty Baker on the mound, Joe Mauer continuing his MVP season, and a chance to take down Detroit and head to the playoffs.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Shake It

So potty-training kids has to rank up there with taming wild bears or wrestling alligators. It took forever with Trenton. The easiest method ended up being letting him pee on the wall outside. Eventually that turned in to being able to go in the toilet - but he definitely still prefers a wall, tree, or anything outdoors. So we decided to start with Sawyer. He is still pretty young, and unlike some parents we aren't overly militant with training regiments. But nevertheless, we figured it would be a good idea to start to slowly break him in. Well he has been doing pretty decent and is showing signs of understanding the process. My favorite part though has been watching Trenton give him helpful hints along the way. This is how it went today...

Sawyer: "Dad...pee, toilet"
Dad: "Ok - good job at asking"
Sawyer: "I do it" (as he refuses help in pulling off his undies or in getting up onto the big toilet)
Dad: "Fine - just don't whiz on the seat, point the rocket down"
Sawyer: "Done" (as he finished peeing)
Trenton: "Hey shake it Bobby (as he still calls Sawyer), shake it!"
Sawyer: "Shake it, shake it"

So now Sawyer has been trained by his brother to finish each pee session with a shake to get out the last drops. Good to Sawyer learning from the wise-old-sage Trenton.