Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dumb & Wrong

I don't care what the NY Post thinks - or what rational Sean Delonas gives - the cartoon he did was dumb and wrong. You can attempt to justify this all you want, but in the end it was a poor decision on the comic creator and the editor for not pulling the plug. I am blown away by those attempting to rationalize this comic. It is hurtful, racist, and downright stupid. Just when you assume this country has come so far...we are reminded that the deep stain of hatred is still to be seen. Here's hoping that we can learn from this and move away from this type of "humor." There is a time to use freedom of speech & press - and this isn't it.


Brandy said...

Ah, so that is what the news was talking about. They didn't show the cartoon.
Definitely not a smart idea.