Friday, August 1, 2008


So the airline industry seems to be getting worse and worse everyday. Now US Airways is going to charge you if you want something to drink. Yep, no more free water, pop, juice or coffee. If you are thirsty, you'll have to fork over $2 for a Coke. Plane tickets are already crazy expensive, and now in order to take a piece of luggage and get a drink I need to pay extra. My favorite part from the article, "If a desperately thirsty passenger does forget a few extra dollars, US Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant says flight attendants will likely 'err on the side of the customer' and give him or her water." What defines desperately thirsty? What defines will likely error on the side of the customor? Its crazy to see how much control the oil industry has on America. Exxon Mobil Corp. just posted its second quarter earnings at $11.68 billion! So while they are fattening their wallets, I have to pay $2 so I can drink a Coke on my flight across the country...not to mention paying $50 to fill up a Toyota Corolla. The worst part is that the US government is all tied to the oil industry so that even if Obama or McCain pledge to fight against high gas prices, they are both highly unlikely to even do so. Well just remember to bring your cash the next time you fly - unless you can convince the flight attendants you are desperately thirsty and they decide to break the rules for you.