Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Generic cereals

Okay so this is going to make me seem like such a shallow, spoiled, rich, jerk of an American. Please forgive me. So here's the deal...I have always liked and wanted "name-brand" breakfast cereals. No offense to Cinnamon Toasters or Marshmallow Mateys but I want Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms. So I would always throw a temper tantrum when my parents would ever even suggest getting the cheap stuff. Flash forward to me getting married. My wife being the frugal one would always suggest getting the store brand cereals (Great Value Brand - yea WalMart!) and would even get them for herself. Not me! I demanded and got the name brand boxes. Flash forward to having kids. Well now my wife bought the store brand for her and the kids while I continued to cling to my name brand. So while the boys ate Toasted Oats (Cheerios) and Fruit Spins (Fruit Loops); I clung to my Cap 'n Crunch and Golden Grahams. All this until...I went to the store to get Tony's Frosted Flakes. I was really craving them and so went to buy a box. I just happened to stare down at the Great Value Frosted Flakes and noticed just how much cheaper they were than the name brand. Like over $2 cheaper. So I broke down and decided to try the "fake" frosted flakes. This morning was my first bowl and...I enjoyed it. In fact it did not taste any different than I would have expected from good old Tony the Tiger. So perhaps I can do this store brand stuff and save some money. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend taking the plunge. Go for the cheaper stuff and see if you can even taste the difference.


Cassie said...

I actually prefer fruity dyno-bites to actual fruity pebbles.

welcome to the generic cereal world my friend.

Brandy said...

Some generic cereal is good, but I however do not like generic Frosted Flakes. I prefer Tony...he's GREAAAAAAT! :)

Romi said...

I applaud and commend you, Landon for walkin' on the generic side!! Now if only I could convince my cereal snob loving husband to do the same. But your conversion has given me 2 scoups of Kellog's 'Raisin Bran' hope! Maybe then, just maybe I might be able to condense our cereal shelf from 15 boxes down to maybe 7? We also happen to be a huge cereal loving n mixing kind of family too...people think we're trying to be like Seinfeld, but it's really the other way around!