Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to school

So this upcoming Monday (August 25th) I begin my fall semester classes at Northern Arizona University. I have to travel to Flagstaff every Monday during the semester. It kind of sucks to drive 5 hours a day, but I will enjoy being on that campus again. I absolutely love Flagstaff. I will be finishing up the last 4 classes (12 hours) I need to graduate over the fall and spring semesters. So next May (after I started taking college classes in the fall of 2000) I will finally graduate! Yea. Its interesting because despite getting the degree I will still be on the outside looking in amongst my colleagues at the church. Imagine like a prestigious law firm where everyone has Ivy League law degrees and then a guy with a law degree from Iowa tries to fit in. Sometimes that is how I feel as most of the males I work with all have bible college degrees. Its as if I will have a degree but one that doesn't quite count. No one necessarily says this, but its like being the odd one out. I have never taken a preaching class. I have never taken a pastoral care class. I have never taken a theology class. I'm just some guy who is a bit obsessed with history that God has asked to do ministry. Its a weird feeling though sometimes. Nevertheless I am proud of where I went and continue to go to school. I have received a great education, learned a ton, and have really enjoyed my experiences. Maybe I don't fit into the normal pastor mold. Then again maybe that is exactly the way God wanted it to be. I have never been a normal guy and I think that is the way I like it to be.


Brandy said...

Oh goodness, talk about putting some miles on your car. Are you only going up on Mondays? Oy vei. I start school Monday as well at MCC. *Sigh* I'm going to be 90 by time I get a degree in anything! I can understand about being around people with Bible degrees. I have felt the same at times.
Have a great day! Happy Schooling!

Andrea Sipe said...

I like it! I like that you don't have a Bible College degree . . . not that they are bad, mind you, but they are not gold, either. Some of the BEST teachers/preachers I have EVER seen are ones who have been taught by God, not by some Bible College Prof. :) It adds a "rawness" and authenticity that a lot of pastors don't have. . . and it shows the lay-person that a Bible College degree isn't necessary to be used by God!! I think that's the best part . . . someone can look at you, and see what God has taught and is teaching you - not because you paid to learn it in some class, but because you sit at His feet and take it all in - something each and every one of us can do, regardless of our age, finances, etc. Thanks for being an amazing example of just following God. (And good luck with that crummy Monday-morning drive!!)

natesgirl3 said...

Hey brother!! I wanted to say a few things...1) I am so freakin proud of you for working so hard and I can't wait to be there at your graduation. 2) I second what Andrea said...I have been in church (with you!!) my whole life and I can honestly say I learned the most and felt the most in tune when you were my pastor. I know you are my brother which could make me biased, but in reality its true. I miss our college group though I'm grateful for the way life turned out. But seriously...I know lots of guys with Bible degrees who shouldn't be pastors. So be proud of the fact that you are a real person that speaks to real people. I love you so much and look up to you so much!! Can't wait to see you!! (I'm coming home in October.)