Thursday, August 7, 2008

Teach For America

So today was the first day of the Leadership Summit. Every year, the Willow Creek Association in conjunction with Willow Creek Community Church hosts the Summit which is essentially a leadership conference. It is primarily aimed at Christian leadership, in particular ministry leaderhip. However, its broad principles could easily apply to many different fields. Today one of the speakers was a lady named Wendy Kopp. Unfortunately, it was right after lunch in the middle of my sleepy phase. Despite this, I was highly fascinated by her vision and dream for the organization Teach For America which she created. It seems like such an incredible organization with an impact that is readily seen and felt. One of the things I have often dreamt about is being a teacher in a low-income area. Not that I have that much to offer, but I could at least offer to care for students and attempt my very best to teach them (history of course!). How cool is it that this lady is actually placing high capacity leaders into schools to do this very thing. Needless to say I was really interested in looking up details about the program and learning more about it. Not necessarily saying it is for me, but it is highly intriguing and a real cool thing. Its things like this that give me hope for America. As for the Summit Day One, not bad. I really enjoyed Efrem Smith's message at the end. It was not only funny but extremely relevant. How awesome would it be to see a mix of all races in all churches across the whole world?!! We'll see what day two brings at the Summit.