Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goodbye Bernie Mac

Well the world lost a real funny guy this morning in Bernie Mac. Some of my favorite roles he played were Frank Catton (Oceans 11 series), Bobby Bolivia (Transformers), and himself in the Original Kings of Comedy. However, I think my favorite role with him was in Guess Who as Percy Jones. He was so funny and I love that movie. Its always sadder to me when someone who was really funny dies, because comedy has such a strong way of not only making a person smile but genuinely feel better. So here's to you Bernard Jeffery McCullough, your jokes and humor will be missed on the bigscreen.


Breanna said...

thanks for the wisdom mr.skippy! I appreciate it :D

-Breanna Maples

Brandy said...

I was totally shocked when I heard of his passing.