Thursday, July 31, 2008

Minnesota Viking Fan?

Well I would have never felt it was possible, but I just may end up being a Minnesota Vikings fan this year. It appears likely that Brett Favre will end up a Viking. I wish he would have just stayed playing so this whole fiasco would not have been an issue but that cannot be reversed now. Why are the Packers so defiant against letting him play again? Not sure as no matter how good Aaron Rodgers is, he will have a worse QB rating than Favre this next year. I love the Packers but I will always think Favre is the greatest quaterback to ever play the game. So for at least this upcoming season - I will cheer for both teams (despite the fact that they are bitter rivals).


Mitch Eiler said...

I think you need to invest in one of those half and half jerseys, one side #4 in packer green, and the other *4 in viking purple.

I like it. said...

You know, everyone and their mother has a blog these days. You never know who you're going to find when trolling through links on blogspot when you're trying to look like you're working...

Hello, Skip!

--Michelle Merriman