Thursday, January 31, 2008

Uh, my friends call me Phlegm.

Mucus & phlegm are pretty disgusting, however, as a boy [particularly an Anderson boy] they have always been commonplace for me. I remember as a kid one of my brother Leighton's friends Scott Peterson was the King of hocking a good old loogie. One of the funniest moments though came when Leighton spit a big old nasty phlegm ball that landed on the back of my friend Eric Chad's neck and proceeded to wrap around his neck while we were playing football in the backyard. Eric had to roll around the field getting the nasty stuff of his neck while we all laughed. Anyways, it is interesting to me that I never really see girls spitting loogies, shooting snot rockets, or making that annoying hacking sound in their throat. Yet I see boys of all ages doing those very things. Why the difference is what I want to know. Well the reason I bring this up is because right now Trenton and I both have colds. I am currently getting over mine so each morning begins with the process of spitting up nasty that has collected in my throat all night. Well today I put Trenton in the car for Danielle and he started coughing. Trying to teach him manners, I told him to cover his mouth. He did so, but after coughing into his hands he decided to show me what he had coughed up and then laughed and smiled about it. I was left with the decision of whether to laugh and encourage this sort of behavior or do something responsible. Well if you know me you already know the answer to what I did. Looks like the loogie tradition lives on for the boys in this family!