Friday, January 25, 2008

"Nobody has a monopoly on religious belief"

Politics and Religion (specifically Christianity) have always been a hot topic. Personally, since I started owning my faith in the 11th grade I have been fascinated by the topic. I was raised by Christian parents who happened to also be Republicans and for as long as I can remember, I often linked the two in my head. It just made sense. I remember being so excited upon hearing George W. Bush refer to his faith and the need for Christ in America. I was immediately smitten by it and just knew that "God" wanted him to be president more than the heathen-democrat Al Gore. My political beliefs remained such that despite representing things and doing things I disagreed with at times, I held to supporting Bush and His "Christian presidency." As time has gone on, however, I have grown increasingly more aware of the fact that Republicans seem to take the Evangelical Christian voting bloc for granted. As if the Republican party is the moral-Christian party while the democrats believe in only those things that stand in opposition of Jesus Christ. The current campaign of Barack Obama has attracted my attention in this regard. Now to issue a disclaimer: I am not saying I am going to vote for Obama or that he is in fact a Christian. What I am saying is that it is really interesting to me how this guy is getting blasted on the religious front of things. Charges of him being a Muslim, him hating America, him not saluting the flag, and so on and so forth. Recently these things have become such an issue that he has had to address them. Foxnews & beliefnet. Its hard to separate the truth from political agenda sometimes. Is he indeed sincere about his beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ? That can only be known by God. All I know is that it is interesting how a man's name, ethnicity, and political party can make so many people assume they know exactly what he believes in. Would America benefit by having a Christian president? My personal belief is yes. However, I have learned that, that person can be found on both sides of the political spectrum. Here's hoping that whoever gets elected will remember its not about how many times you can say Jesus in a speech, whether or not you have a flag lapel, or even what percent of the evangelical Christian vote you received...what matters is whether or not you actually help the people of this country and this world.