Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Million

"To put the three-month loss in context, if no more jobs are lost over the next nine months, 2009 would still be the fourth worst year for job losses since the government started tracking the number of workers in 1939." -By Chris Isidore, senior writer-

1983. The last time the United States saw the unemployment percentage this high, I was only 1. I have to admit that this struggling economy is really bothering me. I see that the G20 wants to pump 1 trillion dollars into the world economy because the damage of this recession is being felt all over. I continue to worry about how long this beast is going to last. It seems like we hear about recessions and fall-outs all of the time, and they just "go away." Yet this one drags on and on. How long can it last? I wish I knew more about economics so that at the very least I could feel educated in the midst of this storm. Instead I feel stupid and ignorant, and have to hope for the best from things like the stimulus package. I know that Barack Obama is attacking the problem in a different matter then Ronald Reagan did in the 80s. Which way is better? And then I begin to think about how much worry, anxiety, and fear I feel over money. No wonder it is easier for the camel to go through the eye of a needle instead of me getting to heaven. All it takes is a large downturn in the economy and I start losing trust. Start freaking out. Start losing hope. If my trust/attitude/hope are tied up in the unemployment rate, 401k, and overall economic growth of this country - then where does that leave God? The sad reality is my life is still okay despite this horrible economy and yet like Peter I am seeing the waves all around me and immediately I have begun to sink. I need to get my focus and faith back. For in the end those matter far more then any economic forecast.