Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shifty Politicians

Arlen Specter is a weasel. I have no problem with people switching their mind and changing their philosophy with time. I think that is natural and can even be a very good thing. However, his defection to the opposite political party reeks of selfish ambition and personal motivation to keep his Senate seat. Specter recently switched from being a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania to a Democrat. The primary problem I have with the switch was his statement of: "I've looked at the polls. I can't win as a Republican, I can't win as an independent. The only way I have a shot is to be a Democrat." What does the guy even stand for? This constant flip-flopping in order to secure a constant seat in Congress is stupid. It gets to the point where all politicians become so entangled with personal ambition and $$$ from shady supporters that you cannot trust any of them. The only thing I think we could do now would be to place mandatory term limits on everyone in Washington. Stop giving these losers the opportunity to sit forever in Washington and lose complete touch with their voting base and the people they supposedly represent. Republican or Democrat - honestly, it is becoming more and more apparent that they both are beyond saving right now.


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