Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesus, germs, and love

So Easter services this weekend @ Central used the illustration of germs, with an excellent video and some funny props. Of course, the grand purpose of Easter was & is wrapped up in the idea that we as people were damned and Jesus decided something had to be done about it. As I thought about it all weekend long, I really thought about how much Jesus was willing to go through simply because he loved people. He truly lowered Himself, went through hell, and endured all the nasty, crummy, terrible things of being a human...simply because He loves us. As I thought about that I started thinking about my own kids. About how much I love both of them. This week has been trying as Trenton has been battling the flu and Sawyer has been going through the symptoms too. The hardest part is seeing them suffer with no idea as to why they are sick or if it will ever get better. Their sad cries, fever-ridden bodies, and runny noses have prevented them from a good night's sleep and any sort of peace around the house. Germs have run rampant as they cough, sneeze, and drool (its the Anderson lips curse) all over. Many a times they have both wanted to be held close and still kissed goodbye and goodnight. Knowing full well the consequences of holding a sick child close, kissing their germ covered lips, allowing for them to cough and wheeze on my face, and sleeping in their bed to calm their spirits - Danielle and I have continued to choose to do so all week. The result has been sickness taking over my body and beginning its damaging cycle on my body. Despite knowing this was bound to happen, I still would not change one moment. Given the opportunity to do things differently, I would still hold them, kiss them, sleep next to them, and let them hack a lung all over me. Why? Because in their moment of greatest weakness I wanted them to know more then ever that I understood their pain and still desperately loved them. I wanted them to feel that I was still close, willing to endure the sickness with them. Because that's what love is and that is what a daddy is suppose to do. In light of Easter, I caught a slight glimpse of why Jesus was willing to endure it all. Because that's what love is and that is what a God is suppose to do. Thank-you Jesus for all You have done and will continue to do. Thank-you Trenton and Sawyer for reminding me of how far love truly should go.