Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dinosaur National Monument

If the test of a national park must be its popularity with automobilists, then Dinosaur may not fare too well - and the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Hollywood Freeway, and Holland Tunnel should become national parks (and the New York subway system, which saves automobilists from themselves, a recreation area.) If, on the the other hand, the test of a park lies in the quality of experience - unmechanized experience with teh magic of the natural world - then an unaltered park at Dinosaur is, and can always be, as rewarding a source as any of the great national parks. -David Brower-

I just finished reading a book and writing a paper on the battle to save Dinosaur National Monument (specifically Echo Park within the boundaries of the Monument). The book was incredible. I am really enjoying reading the history of the American conservation movement. It also got me excited to visit Dinosaur National Monument at some point in the future. This is part of the reason why I hate Disneyland. Because to me I am missing out on far more by not visiting Dinosaur National Monument then going to some over priced theme park. So here's to hoping that I get the chance to visit this little-known area of Colorado someday soon!