Friday, July 11, 2008


One of my favorite stories from the Bible was originally pointed out to me by my good friend Eric Grabau around 8 years ago. It comes from 2 Samuel 23:13-17. Basically David is in a cave and starts thinking about the past (when things were probably much easier) and how it would be nice to have some water from a well in his hometown of Bethlehem. The problem? The area is being guarded by the Philistines and there was no access to the water. The part that is so awesome is the 3 guys that decide to risk their lives in order to bring David something as simple as a glass of water because it meant something to him. David seeing their bravery, honor, and devotion sees the water as something far more symbolic and pours it out as a sacrifice to God. A small yet extremely powerful story. It makes me evaluate how I do life with people, especially those closest to me. Would I be willing to risk my life in order to honor and show my love to those closest to me? Would I be willing to lay it all on the line for even simple stuff to show my respect for those around me? What is my level of devotion to my family? My friends? I am completely blown away by the devotion those "mighty men" showed for David. On the flip side, what is my response to the loyalty, devotion and love that is shown to me by my family and friends? Do I acknowledge it? Does it cause me to praise my God? How do I honor those who have chosen to honor and sacrifice for me? I am forever grateful to Eric for pointing out this small passage to me. I often come back to it and think about my friendship with him. Given the chance, I would hope I would break through enemy lines simply to bring him a glass of water as well.