Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oil Up, Dollar Down

This is not a fun time for the American Dollar or the the price of oil...Saw something today which indicated that oil is looking to rise to $170 a barrel! That's $27 more than it is now. The issue seems to be coming from the absolute worthlessness of the dollar. I wonder how long it is until the United States starts using the euro? It makes me think that the next President of the United States is going to have their hands full. Instead of worrying about national defense and security, perhaps we need to start paying attention to which candidate can help the economy the most. I wonder why the dollar is so terrible when compared to the euro or even the British pound? The Bush administration has seen an epic collapse in the economy of this country. Interest rates are sky-high, debt (both for the nation as a whole, and for its individuals) is mounting ever higher, and on top of that we are dumping billions of dollars into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which even if they were justified at the beginning are going no where fast. If any of these foreign countries we have borrowed billions from decided to make us pay up, we would be crushed. This is a shaky situation right now. Americans need to wise up, stop spending and demand that our government get their affairs in order. If not we are headed for an economic meltdown...


Cassie said...

it always scares me more to think about what the economy will look like for our children.

Brandy said...

How are you and the fam doing? I hope everyone is well.
Amen to your post!
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I shall add you to my favorites, so I can stalk you. Muhahahahaha!
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innerreef said...

Worry less about national defense and security? Are you kidding me? Come out from under the rock you live in. If we as a government worried less about these matters and something catastrophic happens, I would bet my life that you would be saying we need to worry more about security then.

Oh yes and the classic blame it on the Bush administration. Now I do not necessarily agree with the spending we do on the war, but complaining about it is what everyone is doing...trying going against the flow and supporting our President, no matter what political affiliation.

And remember you are one of those Americans and does the stoppage of spending include churches that seem to not be involved in politics, and it can be done without losing their precious 503b standing.