Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Afghanistan Looms

Photo: Tyler Hicks / The New York Times
"After 10 years of fighting a war that now costs the U.S. upwards of $100 billion - $1 million per soldier - per year, where do we draw the line? Once we've cleared the Taliban from an area, what remaining responsibilities do we have - and what should the Afghans be doing for themselves? Do we really need to provide cold-storage facilities to the world's fourth poorest country? Given the sour U.S. economy and budget deficits, what to do about Afghanistan looms as a major domestic policy issue for President Barack Obama this year."
Klein, Joe. "Finishing The Job In Afghanistan. Needed: Security, Development And A Stable Pakistan." Time 17 January 2011:44-46.
Is it possible that most Americans are completely ignorant of the on-going conflict in Afghanistan? If so - does that mitigate the seriousness of the war that is costing a lot of money and lives? What is the U.S. plan for the war? Do we care about it long term - or are we simply going to look for the quickest duck & run strategy? Do Americans care more about getting our soldiers home or long-term stability for Afghanistan? Fiscally speaking, how do we continue the war? Will this issue be a key component of the Presidential election of 2012?