Monday, January 17, 2011

Epic Meeting

What a match-up! The NFC Championship game should be one for the ages. Both of these teams seem to be firing on all cylinders. They each boast great defenses and solid coaching staffs. I think Green Bay has the better quarterback and collection of wide receivers, but the Bears counter that with far superior special teams and the better running back. The only real separation might simply be Chicago getting to play at home while the Packers have to play in one of the most hostile places in the league. Since 1921 the two teams have played each 181 times. Number 182 will be epic and might be their biggest match-up since 1941. Hopefully Green Bay has not used up all their magic and can find a way to win. Go Pack Go!


Jason and Melissa Schneider said...

The only thing that I do not agree with it this is the very last part. Go Pack Go. That is crap you can cheer for them but you know and I know they will not win. The only place they will be going is home after the game to watch the Superbowl. Well I guess a couple of them can go to the Pro Bowl but what would you rather have the Pro Bowl or the Superbowl. Sorry Skippy but have fun at the Pro bowl.