Friday, January 15, 2010


I am still in shock over the brutal and senseless words of Pat Robertson the other day in regards to the tragedy in Haiti. How a person could speak out against a people in utter misery and to essentially applaud the death and destruction as an act of God in revenge is beyond belief. The worst part is that Pat continues to be the spokesperson for those who claim to follow the path and ways of Jesus Christ. Of course, many believers will say he does not represent them - but until there is a unifed stance by the church against people like him, we will continue to be lumped in with losers like him. I see nothing but hate, evil, and a lust for attention when Pat Robertson speaks up like he did. And for what gain? What possible good does it to bring up his own personal beliefs? Throughout the Bible we see a God who who is passionate about the hurting & downtrodden. Even in the midst of our worst depravity - sin - we see a God that desires above all else, reconciliation. Right now is a time for love, care, and compassion. What the people of Haiti need - is for the the world to embrace them in their sorrow and anguish and help them. Money, supplies, time, and prayer should all be sent to Haiti. Instead, Pat used his time to spread a message of pure hate. Way to go Pat. You just showed us who Jesus Christ is not.