Friday, January 1, 2010


I recently finished a book on Leonardo da Vinci. Although the book was only so-so, there were some interesting things I discovered about Leonardo (the guy was totally unreliable - literally most people figured he would not finish a project when they gave it to him). The two things though that stuck out the most to me were Leonardo's views on: experience & opportunities. As 2010 starts, I find myself in pretty much the same position I was in during 2009. I believe I am afraid and I therefore never take opportunities as they present themselves. The consequence is that I never experience anything beyond that which I feel completely comfortable with. The downside is that I think I miss out & will continue to miss out on so much. Charles Nicholl uses a quote from Leonardo in regards to opportunitism where Leonardo stated, "fortune must be grasped by the hair as she passes - not a moment too late, for behind she is bald." I think that is an incredibly true axiom for life itself. If I fail to grab it in the moment - I'll lose part of it forever. 2010 cannot be another year I simply let slide by. I must make this year different by taking on new challenges, experiencing new paths, and most of all, seizing hold of each moment and not being afraid to do what I truly think I am suppose to do with my life. The only alternative is to simply "keep on keeping" and realize my life is but a mere use of time.


Best Damn Son said...

What do you think about talking sometime about opportunity and being afraid. Is life as you know it proof of your ability to trust or does it reflect your fear? Has your response to life in the past and present lead you to a life of contentment? Dude I believe in you. Do you and your wife travel the same road of disappointment or are you celebrating what life has given you? Half the battle is to travel that road together because when you face fear or opportunity you are only half a person because you travel life not alone now but with what should be your greatest resource and gift, your wife. Love you brother, love to talk sometime.

Best Damn Son said...