Friday, October 2, 2009

Shake It

So potty-training kids has to rank up there with taming wild bears or wrestling alligators. It took forever with Trenton. The easiest method ended up being letting him pee on the wall outside. Eventually that turned in to being able to go in the toilet - but he definitely still prefers a wall, tree, or anything outdoors. So we decided to start with Sawyer. He is still pretty young, and unlike some parents we aren't overly militant with training regiments. But nevertheless, we figured it would be a good idea to start to slowly break him in. Well he has been doing pretty decent and is showing signs of understanding the process. My favorite part though has been watching Trenton give him helpful hints along the way. This is how it went today...

Sawyer: "Dad...pee, toilet"
Dad: "Ok - good job at asking"
Sawyer: "I do it" (as he refuses help in pulling off his undies or in getting up onto the big toilet)
Dad: "Fine - just don't whiz on the seat, point the rocket down"
Sawyer: "Done" (as he finished peeing)
Trenton: "Hey shake it Bobby (as he still calls Sawyer), shake it!"
Sawyer: "Shake it, shake it"

So now Sawyer has been trained by his brother to finish each pee session with a shake to get out the last drops. Good to Sawyer learning from the wise-old-sage Trenton.


natesgirl3 said...

Man oh man do I love my nephews!!!! Trenton is such a fantastic older brother!!! Love them! And you!