Friday, October 9, 2009

Is "hope" an accomplishment?

So President Obama is the latest Nobel Peace Prize Award winner. In talking about the award, Obama himself admitted it was not given "as a recognition of my [Obama] own accomplishments." So how does one win an award for not doing anything. I'm sorry but that is is like giving the Cy Young Award to Stephen Strasburg simply for being picked number one and having a good college career with electric stuff. The word award equates to giving something that is due or merited - so based upon his own admission - Obama does not deserve to win it. Since when has "tone" become the standard for peace in the world? And I question as to whether or not he has really brought a radical shift of hope to this world.

He called the receiving of the award as a "call to action" and you better believe it is. If the world was ready to crucify (and rightly so in some regards) Bush for his "Mission Accomplished" banner speech - then the world better be prepared to condemn President Obama if he fails to deliver on all that he has so greatly promised. As an American I want to see this hope. I want to see economic recovery. I want to see the anti-peace actions of Iran, North Korea, and of course Afghanistan brought to an end. I want to see all the tales that Obama weaved for us while running for office come true. Because in the end that is what will mean peace - not some falsified vision of peace as dictated by "giving hope."

Apparently the committee giving the award thinks it is rare for someone to give us hope - but in the end hope only lasts so long. What we need in this world is results & accomplishments. President Obama may sweep us all off our feet with his great speeches, style, and charisma - but in the end all I care about is results. The bottom line. If that cannot be delievered - then what is the point of the Nobel Peace Prize anyway? In the end - maybe that is my issue. Barack Obama never asked to receive this award - maybe the real question is why do we even care about an award that apparently has lost all of its meaning and intended purpose?