Friday, July 17, 2009

Story Time

So lately Trenton (my 3 year old) has been asking me to tell him stories. I have used the opportunity to open the Bible and tell him some stories from there. Thus far his favorite has been the talking donkey story - but today I told him the story of Zacchaeus. Later on in the morning I asked him some questions to see what he retained from the story. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: So who was the story about this morning?
Trenton: Zacchaeus
Me: Good job. What did he do?
Trenton: He climbed a tree.
Me: Why?
Trenton: Cause he was little.
Me: Good. Who did he climb down to eat dinner with?
Trenton: Jesus.
Me: What did he give away to all the poor people & people he owed?
Trenton: Apples, peaches, and chicken nuggets.

So he got most of it. Not really sure where the apples, peaches, and chicken nuggets came from - but close enough.