Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Derby

Each year it is fun to watch the HR Derby @ the All-Star Game for baseball. It is always cool to see guys just hit the ball a mile. Last year was really awesome as Justin Morneau (a Minnesota Twin!) won the contest. This year, for some reason Joe Mauer was selected to participate. He is my favorite baseball player so even though I found it odd that a guy with only 15 homers on the season was asked to participate, it was cool to see him give it a whirl. He did not even come close to winning (Prince Fielder did - including hitting one ball an estimated 503 feet!!!) but man his swing is amazing. Looking forward to seeing him bat in the 3-hole tomorrow in the actual ASG. Since I have been alive, the NL has only won the ASG 7 times (and haven't won since 96 in Philly!) so chances are the AL will win again but hopefully the game is fun to watch.