Monday, June 8, 2009

Listen & Learn

So I was watching Go Diego Go with Trenton tonight. It was the one with the humpback whales. Anyway, at the end of the show like usual they had "the review" with 4 questions that the kids should have learned about humpback whales. Well Trenton answerd all four correctly - and was super excited about it. It was pretty cool and I was proud of him - even if it the quiz was "simple." As I thought about it, I started to wonder if that is how God is with me as I study his Word. When I am learning and starting to understand the things God needs to me to know - I have to believe He is proud of me and gets excited. It might be simple things that everyone else already knows - but He is simply happy that I am willing to learn and have spent time listening to Him. Every time I see Trenton grasp something new - it just sends the most incredible joyful feeling throughout my soul. My hope and belief is that the same is true of God with me.


Brandy said...

When I was at the doctor's on Monday. I saw that exact same episode. What's worse is the Dora episode that followed, I had already seen and I don't even have kids. I am sure it was from on of my babysitting adventures.

I loved the way you tied in God getting excited about you learning new things.

Have a great day, Landon!