Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I am currently reading through the Old Testament and I realized a disgusting parallel between Genesis & Judges. In Genesis 19, two angels come to Sodom and it says that Lot strongly encouraged/requested they spend the night at his house. Then it says that the men of Sodom surrounded the house and demanded that Lot send the men out [which makes me wonder if angels simply look like men] so that they could have sex with them. In response to that request, Lot offers his virgin daugthers instead of the angels. Add that to the greatest dad moments in history. Now flash forward to Judges 19 [weird coincidence in chapter numbering there?]. There is a Levite who's concubine left him to go home to her father's house. He goes after her and spends some time at that house. Then he left with his concubine. They head to Gibeah [uniquely enough to not spend time in "alien territory"] where an old man from the hill country allows them to spend the night at his place. While hanging out, the text says some men come and pound on the door demanding that the old man send out the Levite in order that they can have sex with him. Sound familiar? So the old man decides that would be an awful thing so instead offers his virgin daugther [dad of the year #2] and the Levite's concubine [way to look after your woman you jerk]. Sound familiar? The men don't want either of those options, but the Levite still sends out his concubine anyway who ends up getting raped & abused throughout the night and ends up dead. The Levite responds when he sees her dead body - "get up; let's go" - only to discover she wasn't going to answer because she was dead.

So I just found this parallel to be weird, disgusting, and made me want to puke. I have also since re-discovered how many sexual dysfunction stories the first 7 books of the Bible contain. Seriously if there is a sin that people have completely given themselves over to more then sexual immorality, I would be shocked.


Bri said...

I'm impressed at all of your studies, but thoroughly disappointed that you haven't added MJ's "Black or White" video to your blog yet. :)