Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Health Update

"With self-discipline most anything is possible."
-Teddy Roosevelt-

Trying to be healthy is not easy. Last night I went to the grocery store and realized 2 things. One: most unhealthy foods are SUPER tasty. Two: most healthy foods are SUPER expensive. I am trying to eliminate saturated fats and sugar from my diet. So gone are Pizza Rolls, Fish Sticks, Corn dogs, ice cream, chips, pop, sugary cereals, cookies, and a variety of other tasty items. I actually looked at ingredients and food labels yesterday. It is amazing how much junk I have consumed on a regular basis. So we shopped smart and got some better things to eat. Now the question is can I hold myself to eating right - even when tempted by things like fast food.

On top of a better diet, I have been concentrating on exercising more. Last week was the best week I have had in a long time. I went to the gym 5 days. This week I have already gone 3 times. I actually really enjoy going - but it requires me to be far more disciplined with my time. I have been running & swimming and realize that I love both just as much as the other. I'm not necessarily working towards a goal - other then just being healthy.

So I am off to a good start - but we'll see where it goes. My track record with eating healthy and staying disciplined with my exercise isn't exactly the world's greatest. Hopefully this time will be different.


Richard said...

Dude, I did the same thing last night... and yeah, healthy food costs a bunch! But safeway has their "eating right" stuff that makes it a little cheaper, and they had a sale on yogurt, so that was good.

Bri said...

Why does bad food have to taste sooo good? It's like God didn't create us to be healthy if he fixed our brains and taste buds to like bad stuff. Everything you listed off made me sad. Maybe we need to have a funeral to all of the "bad" foods we used to love and have a relationship with. jk

Romi said...

Bueno job & stay encouraged!! Whenever you get de-motivated, just remember how good you feel when you work out and eat right! Life style changes are hard at first, but once they become a habit it's a piece of carrot!

natesgirl3 said...

You can do it!! I'm proud of you! Stay positive and give yourself a break now and again when you can enjoy a treat!

Jason and Melissa Schneider said...

Bri, Maybe it is not that God created us to unhealthy but it is the sinful desires of our heart. What if Satan wants us to be unhealthy so we can be as least effective as possible.
Landon, I got some blueberries yesterday for my oatmeal and feel a good one brewing.