Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Nipples

Okay first off. My son Trenton has a strange vocabulary. He knows some words that I most certainly know he should not know. We have taught him that there are "bad words" and he does a good job at not using those. He even calls me out on using them. For instance, the other day I told Danielle that something was crappy and Trenton made me sit in the time-out chair for a minute because he knows that is a bad word. However, there are also other words that Trenton knows that are not bad - just make anyone feel kinda awkward if a 3 year old says them.

Which leads me to my story. Last night I was making dinner for the boys and me as Danielle was out. I was mixing my time between the kitchen and outside with the grill, and was doing it without my shirt on. [side-note: not sure why, but I hate wearing shirts. I am pretty sure I would go shirtless all the time if allowed - which I have asked at work and was denied.] Anyway, at one point Trenton comes up to me and begans staring at me. I ask him whats up, and he replies, "Dad you have big nipples." "Really?" I ask. "Yes. You have big nipples. I have small nipples," came the reply. With that he went back to his favorite activity of terrorizing his brother.

So not sure where that came from. But apparently I have big nipples.


Brandy said...

Hahahaha! That's great!

Sheri said...

maybe it's leftover swelling from the pump incident?
hahahah - I LOVE Trenton :P