Monday, February 25, 2008


There is nothing in life that makes me feel more helpless then when my kids are sick. Trenton picked up a nasty sickness over the weekend, and today hit rock-bottom. Danielle finally took him to the doctor where the sickness is so bad that he is having asthma-like breathing difficulties. His poor little body is burning up, he has a terrible cough, and he has to wheeze in order to breathe. It is the saddest thing I have ever encountered (mainly because he is my child). Anyways, it has me feeling completely helpless. I hate not being able to just take away the pain and suffering with just the touch of my finger. I would do just about anything to get that poor kid feeling better - including taking his sickness into my lungs. Unfortunately I am unable to do so, and so I sit helpless and a little scared, praying that God will heal my little man. This is the worst.


Melissa Stephenson said...

Oh man, hang in there Trenton! Aaron just worked through some nasty stuff too - it really is no fun =(