Sunday, February 3, 2008

And that's why they play the game...

Growing up watching sports with my father and two older brothers I was always convinced and absolutely positive about things. It just seemed like some things were so certain it was worthless for the actual event to even be played. I was always fond of saying "not even Jesus joining the team could help them win..." Yet time after time, my dad would always say, "that's why they play the game." It was a frustrating thing to hear because I wanted to continue to live in the irrational realm of impossibility that I had set up in my sweet little naive mind. I remember being convinced like my older brothers that the Oakland Athletics would never lose another World Series title. I remember thinking that the Miami Hurricanes would never fall out of the top 25 in college football. I remember thinking that the Golden Gophers would never win a college hockey title in my lifetime. I remember thinking the stupid Dallas Cowboys would never stop winning the Super Bowl. I remember thinking a lot of stupid things. And yet, time after time, my dad would only say, "and that's why they play the game." Flash forward to Super Bowl 42 in Glendale Arizona. The undefeated New England Patriots, from the "better" conference, winners of 3 Super Bowls since 2002, best offense, best defense, best coach, best quarterback, blah, blah, blah...against the New York Giants. Not a slouch team (after all they did beat my beloved Packers) but still just the New York football Giants [assist to Berman on that title]. Every part of me wanted to say that this game was in the bag before it started. Every part of me wanted to say that it was destiny for the Patriots. And yet...that's why they play the game. Congrats to the Giants and their fan base. A well deserved praise for a great season. Even more than that, though, a shout-out to my father. You may not always be right, but then again...that's why they play the game old man.