Sunday, November 7, 2010


One of the things I have discovered a lot about since moving is the critical importance of friends. These relationships with others are so often taken for granted and not fully appreciated in the moment. It is amazing how much a friend can do for a person's life. Someone to vent to, someone to watch football with, someone to laugh with, someone to drink a beer with, someone to share struggles with, someone who is just there when you simply need someone there for you. Besides spouses & kids; I think friends are the most under-appreciated things in people's lives.

The last time I was new in a place was 10th grade. Having moved to Arizona from Minnesota, I was forced to make new friends. Of course I had the benefit of being in high school which provided an abundance of opportunities of new friends. Moving up to Idaho has been a much different experience. I have church, and my job at the school, and even neighborhood opportunities. However, I have seen the difficulty in finding people you simply connect with as if it was designed that way by God Himself. This last Friday, my wife and I had the benefit of meeting a couple of people like that. We laughed, we discussed life, and shared a good meal & beer. It re-reminded me just how good it is to have a true friend.

So here's to my friends. You all are worth so much more than I have ever communicated or shown. Thanks for making life good.


Jason Schneider said...

Can't agree more with this post. I was blessed to make great friends where ever I have gone. This move has been harder and friends have not come easy. Oh how I miss spending time with you and Shaun. I am so happy that you have new friends.

Matt said...

Your friends in AZ miss ya Skippy... Find a synagog, don a. Yarmulka & think of me up in Idaho.

Hopefully we'll still see ya in the winter reading camp - maybe someone other than you & I will actually read it this year!