Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 Years Later

9 years. I still remember walking out of my dorm room @ NAU and hearing someone say that a plan had flown into the World Trade Centers. I raced back to my room in time to see the second plane slam into the other tower. Ugh. You could just feel it in your gut. Anger and hate began to boil within me. I remember just how overwhelming the emotions were. Yet 9 years later I realize that hate has not and will not end the problem of terrorism or violence. Fighting fire with fire this time doesn't seem to be the answer. I don't know how to love bin laden or al qaeda. I don't know how to turn the other cheek to terrorist cell groups. I don't know how to forgive atrocities like the killing of 3000 people. Yet I know that my anger does not bring about the desired outcome I want. So today I will try once more to care. I will try to love. I will try to pray. Loving one's enemies is not easy and remembering the hurt & pain does not make it any easier. But in a world torn apart by is my duty to attempt to be a beacon of hope & love.