Saturday, November 14, 2009

Praise for Moms

So I have been battling some nasty sickness over the last few days. I have had the body aches, nasty cough, high fever, sinus congestion, and now for good measure a sore throat has decided to take place. I hate being sick. But I have noticed something in this sickness. On Thursday I stayed home from work because I simply felt beyond awful. The entire day I rotated between taking hot showers and laying down watching movies. I was completely useless. At the end of the day I realized that my wife had taken care of the kids all day long and had done everything in order to make me feel better. What made this remarkable was this: when my wife has been really sick and nasty feeling, she often still needs to be Mom to the boys. She doesn't have the luxury of rotating hot showers & laying down. Instead she must deal with personally feeling terrible and taking care of the the needs for the boys. I realized then why Moms are so important. No matter how terrible they are feeling - they are always available. It was that way with my Mom. Now I see my wife doing it with our kids. It may not be Mother's Day - but my wife certainly deserves praise today for being an incredible Mom to our boys.


Danielle said...

Well, now I'm crying =) Thanks boy!

Emily said...

Oh man, I'm crying!! Lovely post. You are a blessed man indeed to have such an amazing wife :)