Friday, August 21, 2009

Based on actions

I read an article on CNN today about a guy who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife. The story is awful. I wanted to throw up hearing how a man could savagely murder the person who should have meant the most to him. What was interesting in the article was how his family and loved ones continously tried to portray him as this incredible guy - "a church-going, gentle man who always went out of his way to help others." Yet in one act all of that was changed. The prosecuting lawyer (Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda) said it best, stating, "Unfortunately, the best example we have of his character is in what he did. This shows his best character." There is no BS with actions. What you do defines you - and often times it is in those greatest moments of weakness that you show who you are. So many times in life I have experienced people telling me one thing - but by their subsequent actions showcase who they truly are and what they truly think. Its hard to believe you have faith in me if everything you do (and say behind my back) is to the contrary. The same goes for my very own life. I can say this & that - but in the end if my actions reflect something else, what are people to believe? It might not be fair to base assessment off of the poor choices we make - but ultimately those speak as much if not more volume to the people we actually are. So the question is who are you? Does the evidence support it?


Richard said...

I am a man who screws up constantly, and believes the best thing he can do is get good at making things right as fast and well as possible.

Richard said...

And yes, the evidence does unfortunately support that :-P.