Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dot vs. Canvas

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

I wonder about the words that Mordecai delievered to Esther in regards to her standing up to the king. It seems as if there was a very specific task, time, position, and place for Esther to be in. God's will seemed so specific and precise for her. Does that apply to everyone - or did it just happen to work out that way with her?

I have a friend who told me that the will of God is like a paint canvas. He can and will use the whole canvas - not just a specific dot on the canvas. He encourages me to think above specificity when it comes to God's will. In other words, not to get hung up on having to be in a specific location, job, task in order to be in the will of God. God is bigger than a dot. If things were that narrow than it would seem that God's will would hardly ever get done right. And yet I study my life and wonder where do I fit? Does God truly have "one" thing for me - I have to be doing x @ x location @ x time or I am in violation of His will (ie "the dot" theory) OR does God not really care about such specifics and is able/willing to work with the path I choose (ie "the canvas" theory)? I lean towards the canvas, but then again that might be because I like the idea of having more freedom and choice.

This has been what I have been chewing on in 2009 thus far.