Saturday, September 20, 2008

I say the Red breathing.

Okay so I absolutely love sports. If you asked my wife, she would say that I love sports too much. Seriously. Since I can remember I have fallen on the obsessed side of sports. I remember for my tenth birthday my parents took me to Toronto to see the Blue Jays play (for some reason as I kid I loved all the Toronto sports teams). They fell behind after the first couple of innings, and so I did what any rational 10 year old would do. I started crying and ran away. Literally, ran from our seats onto the main concourse. Not sure where I was gonna go or what good it would do. I remember repeated arguments with my brothers about who was the best player, the best team, the best win, the best whatever. I remember getting into a fight with Ben Swails because the Packers lost the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos. I remember not feeling sorry when Mario Lemieux got diagnosed with cancer because I was angry at the Pittsburgh Penguins for beating the North Stars in the 91 Stanley Cup. I remember taping up a photo of Byung-Hyun Kim up in the urinal in my college dorm room so I could pee on him I was so angry for him blowing back to back games in the 2001 World Series. I can also remember all of the times I have felt an immense amount of joy in my heart because my team or my player did well. What's the point? I have slowly begun to realize how much I let sports run my life. My whole attitude can change depending on who wins the Ryder Cup. I can be upset for weeks if the Packers lose a game on Sunday. Even the most obscure of sporting events can change my outlook for a day good or bad. The sad reality is that at the end of the day sports do not matter. They don't. Eternity is not impacted by who wins/loses. God doesn't stop being in control just because the Twins don't make the playoffs. There are bigger and more important things in life and if I spent about half as much time worrying about them as I do sports, I cannot imagine how much I could do for God. So while I will continue to watch Sportscenter, check, and follow my goal is to not get so wrapped up in them that I miss out on the real & true joys of life.

By the way, for those of you who didn't see Fever Pitch, when Jimmy Fallon's character is asked "Where do the Sox rank in terms of importance in your life?" he replies with "I say the Red breathing." Sad but understandable. :)


Brandy said...

I just recently became a baseball fan. Go Yankees! :)
And I'm a fan of other sports, but I am a crazy maniac about my college football. I don't down talk other teams, because I'm not usually educated about the team enough.

Priorities in life are:
Notre Dame football
Everything else. :D

Mr. Anderson said...


I completely understand what your are talking about. I can't count how many times I have made irrational comments about things, all because I was pissed about the score of the game. I guess the best thing that can happen to you is what happened to my beloved Cornhuskers. It takes hitting the bottom of the barrel and you recognizing that you still love the team, to paint a picture. Then again, if you look at how we teach our kids to cheer for a team, that may even be a better solution. Either way, I know what you're talking about and I find it funny that you, Logan and I will all come to this point in our lives! Love you brother.